Our Founder

Fr. Peter Mermier,  the Founder of the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales was born in Savoy, France in 1790. He was a man of deep faith and clear vision. Inspired by the spirit and personality of St. Francis de Sales, he founded the congregation of the M.S.F.S in 1838. The political disturbances in the country, especially the French Revolution had its impact in the spiritual realm too as it left the people in a deep spiritual crisis and indifference towards their religious duties. Sensing the signs of the time Fr. Mermier took upon himself the task of a spiritual renewal in his people by preaching parish missions. This special apostolate in turn gave rise to a community of preachers gathered around Fr. Mermier. He had a great zeal for the missions and for the education of the youth. Imbibed by his spirit, the first M.S.F.S Missionaries landed in India in 1845 and ever since they are deeply committed to the educational apostolate in India and elsewhere. Fr. Peter Mermier was called to his eternal reward on 30th September 1862 after having run his race successfully and faithfully.