Computer Lab:

The school is equipped with the latest Computer technology, Desktop, Laptops, Printers and Internet facility are part of computer lab.

Our specially trained computer faculty will put all their efforts to make the child computer wiz-kid.

Science Lab:

Students learn various methods and process in the science lab.

Science lab experiments and Science laboratory equipment aid in developing scientific learning amongst students and in cultivating deeper and profound interest in the field.

Mathematics Lab:

Students improve mathematical concepts by means of facilitating a fully functional Mathematics Lab.

It assists by means of effective tools and props.

Functional English coaching and Language lab:

The language lab commit itself to enhance the English speaking skills of the students are imparted to assimilate grammatical and lexical the structure with phonics to improve their communication and language skills. .

Ensuring that students not merely focus on speaking fluently but also with the right diction.

Accord a greater priority to English speaking skills of our students.