"Boldly and Rightly"


Admission open for 2022 - 2023 from Pre KG to IX Grade - You can download the application form and send it by mail

Email: sfscbsetry@gmail.com

“Every child is a unique and a different kind of flower and all together make this world as a beautiful garden”


A holistic society of compassionately human, spiritually enlightened, intellectually awakened, professionally skilled, socially committed and culturally integrated persons based on the values as lived and taught by Jesus Christ & followed by Saint Francis De Sales.


To provide perceptive education that awakens creative and leadership skills in every student, to foster a caring and humane society meant to promote the marginalized and to offer opportunities to develop independent research skills, critical thinking and intellectual inquiry.

Message of the Principal

Learn earnestly; learn enthusiastically; learn efficiently and learn excellently. A passionately curious mind is never satiable to learn, which is not to be done by accident but by rigorous courage. For it becomes an ornament in prosperity and refuge in adversity in Aristotalian term. SFS public school believes strongly in imparting qualities of striving forward in life, goal setting, disciplined treading and deep- seated- profession- orientation boldly and rightly. Going beyond the role confusion in the fast paced society, the students here are propelled to cling on to moral rectitude and value based citizenship in cent certitude.  SFS being a trailblazer in introducing to the tiny tots as well as lower grade children what belongs a monopoly to those passed out of schooling years, thus paving way for exploration and expeditions and avenues to shape their future. In education and in life establishment SFS strives to tell all- “ Be that you are and be the best in it!”


Education of the heart

*A new approach of learning the world around by a novel method- The play way method.

*Each class is designed to encourage self exploration thus making learning stress – free  and  fun interactive and concrete.

*Lively layout and attractive colour illustrations.

*A perfect tool for skill evaluation.

The Budding Blooms...


Glance through....

Salient Features
•  Provides a conducive atmosphere for intellectual development
•  Facilitates conviction – based spiritual formation
•  Nurtures a sense of the divine and transcendence
•  Imbues the virtues of gentleness, compassion and optimism
•  Imparts authentic leadership training
•  Instills wholesome professional ethics
•  Encourages sports, games and work experience
•  Inculcates healthy food habits
•  Promotes environmental consciousness
•  Extends integral education to all

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